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I finished this sketchbook yesterday after working on it for a little over a month. It has been an unexpected fun routine to work on these small pieces in spurts of a few minutes here and there. Each illustration took me about 15-30 minutes to complete. As many of you know, the paper in Moleskine sketchbooks is fairly thin so the ink did bleed through the pages. I skipped a spread in between each illustration to keep from ruining my previous work.

I was inspired by many of the flowers that I saw popping up this spring. For the most part I tried to interpret them in my own way without being entirely accurate. They're my made up versions of flowers. I liked that by working that way I could draw at leisure and just go with whatever was happening — very relaxing!

I have larger sketchbooks I can jump into right now but I think I'm going to get another small one like this, to start this process again. The size is just perfect for quick ideas like these.

What I used:
- 3.5" x 5.5" Moleskine sketchbook
- A variety of black ink pens (Staedtler 0.5 and 0.7, Micron 0.5, Sharpie) - I just used whichever was closest but my favorites (for this size of a sketch) where the Staedtler and Micron 0.5.
- For shading: pencil and a gray double ended Prismacolor marker (love the brush end!)
- One day I used a red LePen that a friend of work gave me. The tip is tiny and really smooth to use.

For now I'm back to working on my coloring book which is coming along thanks to this sketchbook. I used these illustrations as ideas for that book. The opposite is true too. Some nights I'd work on something for the coloring book and it would influence a sketch the next day. It's been great to go back and forth between the two projects.

Needless to say my work with cut paper has taken a back seat right now. If only there were more hours in a day! The good news is that I have ideas for my next A Little Hut set which I think will be a lot of fun. Stay tuned!

10 petals for 10 years!

10 petals for 10 years of blogging!

This blog is officially 10 years old. How?! My babies where 5 and 2 when I started this. That seems like a lifetime ago. I've been about ready to shut the whole thing down several times and in the most recent I even took down almost all my posts—then almost immediately regretted it. I guess I'm not done yet. I feel like a new chapter is coming on.

My work has seen such a transformation over the years and I've learned so much professionally and personally. I'd never finish this post if I listed every lesson, every unexpected opportunity and every kind message from friends and total strangers alike. Needless to say, it's a privilege to live in a time when I can make a living doing what I love and sharing it here with those of you that kindly visit.

Right now, my illustration is getting stronger and my confidence in moving down this new path is going full force. So much so, that my current projects and ideas revolve around this. I can't wait to see what happens. My birthday was a little over 10 days ago so that seems to have put some fire under me too. I'm giving myself a year to see these new ideas develop and take stock next May.

For those of you that still stop by, thank you so much for sticking around. I know that I haven't been consistent in recent months but I decided to be gentler on myself. I think my work and more importantly my family have benefitted from this new stance. Slower but better. It only took me 10 years to finally make that stick! Live and learn.


sketchbook spread

fantasy bloom gift set

Fantasy Bloom Gift Set

This one took much longer than expected. It's been in the making since I translated a hand drawn sketch into a much larger paper cut version. I'd been wanting to get back to it and it just hadn't happened until today.

We're having a spectacularly uneventful holiday weekend because both kids are studying for finals (read: a lot of long faces around here!). So... in between going back and forth asking questions, I got to finish this.

I really like that I stayed very close to my sketch. It gives the piece a little more of an organic feel that translates well in any size.

I hope you enjoy working with this set as much as I had making it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fantasy Bloom Gift Set

my coloring book

coloring book - in progress

These are two spreads in a mock-up of what could've been my coloring book. I was testing the paper (a lot of markers and coloring on this!) and it's perfect because it took the ink really well. I say 'could've been' because today I found out the costs behind trying to go down this path — not feasible. I want to make a quality book but at the same time it needs to be affordable and this option, however awesome, wouldn't be. I was really disappointed when I found this out just today.


As luck would have it I have received information from a very generous, sweet person (thank you!!!) that will make my project a reality. The book will be reasonably priced and even though it won't be designed exactly how I had planned it, it will work well for everyone — my customers and me. Double-yay! I couldn't be any happier!

So... now to continue drawing, drawing, drawing. I'm surrounded by sheets and sheets of flowers, leaves, and many other garden pretties. I can't wait for the reveal. I'm not sure of my timetable quite yet but let's just say that the beginning of summer (no homework, more sleeping time, etc) will be very helpful! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!